Print Settings for this File?

Hello guys,

does anybody has recommendations for printing the following File with Zortrax M200?

Material PETG

Actual settings:
No support
Layer 0.14
Print Speed -15%
Extruder Flow Ratio 0%
Ext. Temp 245°C
Platform Temp 70°C
Retraction Speed 35mm/s
Distance 1.8mm

Solid Infill
Density 100%
Surface Layers Top 6pcs
Density 100%
Bottom 3pcs
Density 100%
Seam Normal
Fan Speed Auto
First Layer Flow 100%
Density 100%
Print Speed 100%
First Layer Gap 0.41mm
Raft Enabled
Layers 6
Raft Gap 0.2mm
Density 100%
Speed 100%
Flow 100%

My Problem is, that I can’t get the pieces off the raft. It’s impossible to get it off.

Does anybody have a clue how to fix that?

Material is 3Djake PETG

Here is the file:
fragholder_bottom.stl (71.8 KB)

Hi Michael,

since you are using an external material - I am unable to refer to the settings you used. However, PETG is a heat sensitive material, hence specific printing conditions should be taken into account. Remove side covers and HEPA Cover, ensure the ambient temperature is not too high (it should not exceed 28° C). While printing such small models - you can increase the fan speed (in Z-SUITE) to 70-100%.

Moreover, I would suggest increasing the first layer gap parameter - it sets a gap between the raft and the first layer of a model. Once you increase the value (you can start with adding 0.10/0.15 mm), the adhesion between the raft and the first layer will be less strong. The platform might need calibration or maintenance too. However, if you are also having problems with removing support structures (also while using Zortrax filaments) - one of the consumable parts (hotend, heater&thermocouple) might be worn-out.

Best regards