Print small details modeling: plate and hotend series II

After about 100 hours of use with the new hotend and plate series II,

bios 1.0 and zsuite 1.3.0,

i must say that I get the results absolutely unique,

prints perfectly on the plate, stop problems printing detached !

no additional adhesives or spray on the plate before Printing, a good and simple cleaning of the plate.

Attention to modeling:

program since the modeling how to place the details on the plate,

with thickness of part of the details to allow the nozzle (Ø 0.4 mm) a correct path,

so that it has the right spaces for depositing the material without interference.

Some small defects on the surfaces are absolutely acceptable and can be removed with small cleaning activity

(maybe even with software updates and materials Zortrax).

With Z ultrat these defects are reduced.

Zortrax m200 is used by many professionals, not a simple fdm, is a machine with strong features,

we must not be afraid to experiment, and to surrender to the problems, the machine there is !!!

attached a press with several individual parts and complex, type thread spindle.

series of particular

bios 1.0

zsuite 1.3.0

print time h 7:20:00

filament lengh m 14.66

filament usage g 34


thickness 0.09

speed normal

infill medium

support 20

support lite

pritn cooling auto

seam normal

layer top 5 / bottom 5

smart bridges enable2573


… print miniature …


while modeling, handle well the spaces between operations

in order not to interfere during storage of the material by the nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm.

the parts look sloppy though, what is the size of these parts

the parts look sloppy though, what is the size of these parts

Taking by the Z-Suite screenshot they are small. The grid have 1 cm squares. 

attention … we are printing with fdm, technology wired,

photos “bigger”, therefore small defects are noticed a lot (to the naked eye practically not seen)…

to obtain the perfection of these particular we would like technology with laser or with projector,

defects on the prints there are also larger sizes, after they are filled and finished …

But with an accurate 3D modeling, you can make interesting projects miniature with Zortrax (… hopes other new increments of improvement …)

I attach the image of printing with quotas,

everything is reduced to the very limit … the joints of the parties were perfect

… Injection machine … assembly in progress …

model dimensions 369 mm x 165 mm x 94 h (154 mm)

… finishing: practically “zero” …

3D Printing … model injection machine …

modeling dedicated to printing Zm200

Very nice, like the use of Z-Glass at the bottom. 

Very nice, like the use of Z-Glass at the bottom.

thanks Andy … yes bottom is z-glass

… assembly …