Print Speeds


I have the four different materials, just wondering if the M200 prints faster for certain materials? 

At this stage I've only run ABS, but I think Ill try the and HIPS or Z Glass today.


Speeds are about the same for every material.

Test model, 0.14 resolution, auto fan, full infill, 0° support:

Z-ABS Normal Speed -> 2h 31m

Z-ABS High Speed -> 2h 0m

Z-ULTRAT Normal Speed -> 2h 29m

Z-ULTRAT High Speed -> 1h 58m

Z-HIPS Normal Speed -> 2h 35m

Z-HIPS High Speed -> 2h 3m

Z-GLASS Normal Speed -> 2h 32m

Z-GLASS High Speed -> 2h 0m

ok thanks

Slow and slower would be better descriptions, but that's the price of some of the best print quality you can get.

I just use the slow setting and enjoy primo prints.

Would really like to see a fast mode added...

related but not same.

How about Heated bed temperature.

What are the temps here for


Z-ABS Ultrat