Print without raft and brim

So lately I have been experimenting with printing on top of a second hand raft, this means when I print multiple objects I can save 2 files, one with raft enabled, and then a second without raft or brim but configuring a z height to print onto the old raft.

This does pose a problem which it is very difficult to accurately measure the height of the raft, and Z suite doesn’t provide any details to what raft height is from platform once its completed that stage.

What would be extremely helpful is nozzle distance from platform built into the ‘Preview’ page within the ‘Report’ on the right hand side. This would allow the user to accurately plan printing onto a second hand raft without the object becoming stuck to the raft due to incorrect distance from it. Of course there are options to configure the raft but the raft layer heights are not the same at the printing layer height.

Printing onto an old raft is really beneficial in that you save material and time on the print (2 hours if the whole print bed is used) while also maintaining good adhesion.

Please note that anyone attempting this idea for themselves will need to keep the central platform contact free from material in order for the printer to calibrate z axis before it starts printing.

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That’s a very interesting idea, thank you!
I will pass it further for consideration :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply Marta.

This could be taken further than just that extra information I asked for.

More ideas include:

  • Being able to just print a raft at a specified size for later use, (of course you can include a ‘pause’ then cancel the print at that stage, but maybe support making the raft and object different prints in the same .zcodex, then allowing the user to select if raft will be used or not at the printer)
  • Being able to select where the nozzle calibrates (not in the center) would allow more of the platform to be used (larger prints being supported).
  • Saving the raft specifications in the options and then selecting “print on premade raft (Name of raft)” in which included all the necessary data.

I can imagine certain materials will produce more durable rafts (ABS) than others, and maybe better adhesion and release properties when printed on top of using a different material. ABS raft and Z-glass print to give an example.

Thank you for such a detailed description!
I’ve passed your suggestions to our specialists :slight_smile: