Print Z-PETG on M200 Issue

My M200 prints really well with Z-ABS, Z-ABSv2. I had troubles printing with Z-PETG though.

With the default settings for Z-PETG I first had extruder skipping noises like discussed here:
(Troubleshooting: Extrusion Problems in 3D Printers | Zortrax Support Center)

after that I checked everything, cleaned the nozzle and hotend but my prints turned out like this:

I replaced hotend, nozzle, thermocouple and heater but issue persists.

Any ideas?


Did you take down the side covers while printing with Z-PETG?

Also check if your fanshrouds are in good condition and fans are working properly.

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I didn’t take the covers off. I restarted the print with covers off. It is better now, but still not as good as other prints.

on the left is the print with covers on, on the right with covers off. Both with default printer settings.

I also checked the shroud. There still seems to be an issue with under extrusion.

If the fan cover is somehow melted or damaged and not blowing properly, you can print a new one yourself to help with ventilation.

Below is a link to the stl file of our zortrax library.

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The shroud is perfectly fine, but there is still an issue with the print as mentioned in my recent post

If you are experiencing problem with extrusion, I’m attaching a link with things to check.

Could you send me a photo of a whole finished print?

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As mentioned earlier I experiencing issues only with Z-Petg. Everything else works fine. In my last posted picture you can find a print with side panels on (left) and without panels (right) all printed with the same default z-petg settings in z-suite

Could you send me your .zprojx and .zcodex2 file?

Also which Z-Suite and Firmware version are you using?

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