Printed holes are not accurate.


After searching i found under point 4

Why is this not known to the software?

I made some test and a 9mm cylinder with a 4,8mm hole print 4.4-4.5mm hole but the outer diameter is accurate. The same if i want a 1mm hole, it print 0,3mm or something.

I find it difficult to make my 3D design with this error. Normally the 3D file go to a production company after i made some print test. An external company thereafter made a professional prototype. That mean my drawing must be accurate.

Well, that's what the "Offset" control in Z-Suite is for, but I agree it's kind of bush league that they can't make it just print holes accurately without setting an "offset". I don't see this with any of the other printers and their slicers that I use.

I don't see this with any of the other printers and their slicers that I use.

Because others don't care :) I printing daily fixtures and simple prototypes and offset function is very use full it give control over holes without redesign of model but overall nothing so good as drill bit to get perfect holes :)

I have S3D and use it for a PLA printer, and one UP+ for ABS printing. The UP+ is doing a accurate job, but is only for small things.

-I have only printed few things on my new M200V4 printer. It print nice but is slow compared to my other printer.

-One thing i think the developer must look at is the real slow slicer, try S3D or the UP+ slicer, and you know the difference.

-Another thing, every time you start the software you must tell you use a M200? And no way to store your settings, must be reentered every time.

I feel the hardware is way over the software.