Printer Bed Reversed Movement

Hi guys and girls.  

I have just tried to run a print and the machine and during the pre print heigh calibration the bed moves down instead of up. The print then begins with the bed half way down the machine.

So I tried to run the manual calibration and the same problem occurred, instead of the bed moving up towards the nozzle it just moves down.

Essentially the Z-axis movement has been reversed.

Is this a software or hardware issue, and how is it fixed? I have done several searches and have found nothing on the subject. 

You can find the solution to your problem here

You have a short in the z cal sensing circuit.

Either your small perfboard connector got damaged by the scraper or the perfboard circuit is faulty.

Thank you Andre,

That fixed the problem straight away. I will have to make some kind of safety cover for the pin connections in the future to avoid it happening again.