Printer only printed raft; stopped printing afterwards

Hey all, ran into some issues when doing a test print for my printer. During its first time, the raft of my bracelet was already created. However, after the second try, something seemed clogged within the printer and nothing seemed to be coming out.

Frustrated, I removed the nozzle and the black part where the gear is kept within and removed as much as possible, During this process, the metal pieces, nozzle head look fine, although the nozzle hole is not visible.

When I attempted to get it printing, the gear would carve out marks on the filament, and at times it alternates between clockwise and anticlockwise manner, seemingly stuck with the filament not loading.

I have attached some photos for you guys to comment further. Any help would be most welcome.


for such cases please contact us on support@zortrax.comĀ 


Run "load new filament" function and try to push filament by hand to the extruder. It should unclog the nozzle.

not sure if you are printing with SD card or not,

but just FYI:

The stock SD card (the one that comes with the printer) was giving me all sorts of problems.

After switching it out to a name-brand SD card the problems stopped.