Printing failed with Zortrax Inkspire



I’m kind of new to 3d printing and still learning. I bought my first 3d printer Zortrax Inkspire, but can’t seem to find the way to get it print perfect. I has printed well and the other time it fails to print. The last print was half good. I would appreciate any info, I add pictures and print file.

print file


Hi, Karl.
At first, make sure that the platform is properly calibrated and that it’s parallel to the screen.
Yours looks a bit uneven and that can cause warping.
Besides, you can increase bottom layers exposure time. Do you use the newest Z-SUITE and firmware versions?


With the same calibration it has printed very good.
Maybe the other option.
And yes i use the newest software


I see that you have modified the platform head, but to me it looks a bit uneven. Are you sure that it keeps platform stable enough and the screws don’t get too loose over time? That would explain why at the beginning it works properly, but models warp with time. I recommend that you look into that.


Okay, it might I try and adjust a bit and see what it does then. I have only printed 4 times though.

Did you see the set up and support for my designs? Was that okay?

Thank in advance


Hi Karl,

I’ve just launched a test print of your model. We’ll let you know about the result once it’s done.

Also, please take a look at the manual with tips for proper model orientation&supports, as this is a key factor for a successful print.

Kind regards


Oh, thanks, take a quick look :slight_smile:


Hey there!
Marcin has printed your model without any problem, so it’s not a .zcode issue.

I suspect that your platform screws get loose in a quite short time. The platform is not parallel to the screen, which results in warping. Please, look into that.


Oh great work, thank you very much. I will take a look into that. Thanks again for everything :slight_smile:


I’ve been having a similar issue with the factory build plate. Last night I found the build plate surface was quite warped. It was high along the edges and low in the center. Took about an hour of sanding to get it flat again.

I was failing over 50% of my prints like yours but they were always on the back of the build plate. I am still testing but so far it looks promising since making it flat.

I suspect it was trapping air under the plate and not allowing the resin to properly flow


I think the problem was the tilted platform. I readjusted printer and calibrated again and it really prints well now.


Great! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:


It could be. I just worked with support for a similar issue. We tried 2 different printers with 2 different build plates. It came down to the plates being warped and trapping air on top of bottom layer exposure values for zortrax resin needed increased.

Here are some photos of the warped build plate