Printing head "stuck" on the bottom left of the traversable area


It’s an incredibly weird thing. I’ve done axis maintenance (among other things) multiple times now, and everything except this works.

The funny thing is that so long as you don’t leave the print head(?) there on the bottom left, everything works fine. The moment you leave it there for 5 minutes, it gets “stuck” and is incredibly difficult to move. Once you get it out of that position, you can bring it back to that same corner and out of it again without any issue.

My assumption is that it’s the result of a grease issue or an axes/bearing issue that gets the piece stuck after “settling” in place. I should also mention that manually moving the head feels “heavier” on this one than the other two.

I’ve uploaded a video onto discord, then linked that here so hopefully this video is accessible:

We’ve successfully printed a benchmark as well as a normal print (ABS and ULTRAT respectively) just fine even with this issue. But i’d sleep better knowing this is fixed proper. Any tips, idea or otherwise on fixing this would be appreciated.