Printing issue / seam problem ?

Hi all !

After several trials, I am having issues with printing (Zortrax M200 with Z-Ultrat, 0.09mm, normal speed, fan auto) : one side of the object is badly printed (see pictures).

I checked the 3D file, that seems to be clean. The machine is clean and extruder has been changed one month ago.

I am thinking about a "seam" problem because when I tried to print with the random seam option, the printed issues moved from one side to every sides of the object.

The object is a tube with a pattern (140mm high, 1.5mm thick).

Any ideas to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much



tube 2.jpg


Are all the walls of the tube 1.5mm thick?

When you have sliced the model in Z-suite, use the pause option to view the model slice by slice and make sure the slicing looks good.

Are you able to observe the print in action? If so what does it look like its doing?

Hello PrintZ !

Yes the walls of the tube are 1.5mm thick, exactly.

You can see the slicing doesn't look very good, right ?

I will have a look to the print in action next week, and will try to film it !



Capture d’écran 2016-11-16 à 18.28.25.png


Capture d’écran 2016-11-16 à 18.29.37.png


Capture d’écran 2016-11-16 à 18.30.43.png

can you get me stl and used settings?

Hello Marcin !

You will find attached the STL file and the printing setting :)




I dont think the slicing look unusual. I would try printing with a med or low infill as max probably isn't necessary in a model like this. Also try ABS, Ultrat is just straight up weird sometimes. 

Try that, looks fine ;) 

Hey that looks fine yes :)

I will print your file tomorrow to check if everything is ok !

What changes did you make ?

Thank you very much Marcin and PrintZ!


Do you solved the issue with Marcin’s help?

What parameters did you changed?