Printing issues - Printer problem?

Hey Martin.. Did you notice the last print though? It keeps moving forward on every layer. Compared to Z-Suite tool path..

Yes this happened few times and tightening of grub screws will do the job following @mark82 pictures, but I think @evilmaul have also other problems as warping and delayeration looking at his pictures from the first post, due of this prints are huge and solid.

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Martin, the type of filaments and even the warping issue isnt that importart at this moment but thank for mentioning about it!

gave it another try with those screw but nothing... u can see here that the problem is still there and start right away with the raft. Not sure also why on one side it doesnt print (its been doing this since the problem started) and whatever thing pulls in the filament makes a different sound when it gets over that side as instead of pulling in the filament it pulls it out?! not sure)

Again not confident that I will solve this myself :/








Looking at those pictures it looks to me that your bed is not level. More than likely the side where it is not extuding is higher than the other side. It also be that your build plate is full of loose plastic underneath on that side. I say this because both of those have happened to me and that was the result.

I doubt that this has anything to do with your previous issues though.

Definitely the pulley on the motor is loosened.

Lubricating the rods may also help with X-Y shifting like this. Solved it for me once.

ok perhaps I think I can lubricate the rods :D that seems easy...the rest?! hmmm dont know...I can barely fit my hands in do you guys manage to tight those screws up especially the the pulley connected to the motor?!

ahhhh I wish I could just take the printer somewhere to be fixed...I just have no patience (and skills) to deal with this

Someone wants to buy a printer? :P

Lubricate the rods. Level the bed.

I trust you guys know a way more than I do but checked again those screws right now and to my knowledge they are quite tight. I am afraid to try and force it further and ruin the screws :/

I just dont understand why all of a sudden this happened! I mean as u saw the bust printed just fine till pretty much the end. I wonder what happened when it printed the support in the corner which was smaller than the actual print  height (that was already almost done) …if that has anything to do with this?! 

Your nozzle looks like it is dragging on the perf board which means your bed is not flat/level. That is one issue.

how do I level the bed properly? I have tried to play around the 3 screws beneath it but its hard to have a consistent level across the whole bed..

and now after an attempt a leveling the bed (kind of by eye) and put some lubricant on the rods..things seem to have improved...well kind of :/ 

unfortunately no near from what I am expecting ...whats this layers waviness about now? :(



Call me tomorrow.. Something is not tight.. When metal heats and cool it expands and contracts. It looks like it grabbed a little better but still loose. We'll get you dialed in.. You will be as happy as you were hoping... ;)

If you live close to virginia you can swing by and I fix it for you. Let me know.

thanks to both Kyle and Andre, just hot home and disassembled the Y motor (as it was also suggested in the official support email) and indeed the grub screws in there where quit loose. I put in back in place and now I am testing the same print as yesterday. At least the raft seems fine as of now.

Finger crossed. 

PS Andre unfortunately I live in Californina :/

Glad to hear it!!! It is a very simple machine mechanically. You might also consider putting some Loctite on the screws.. I checked mine today too.. lol

hehe well maybe loctite (whatever that is) next time :P  so far it looks promising