Printing Letters with ABS


Hello, I’m Harald from Germany. I’m Looking for a German Forum, but i didn’t find someone.
So sorry for my bad english. I tried to print the letters in the photo. The material is ABS but not from Zortrax. I print the same material in other Colours and it was OK.
But sometimes i get the split in the outer Shell. The Bed temperature was 105° end the printing temperature was 240°.
IMG_2187%20(1) IMG_2188%20(1) IMG_2189%20(1) IMG_2190%20(1)
What can I do ? Have anybody an Idea?

I am grateful for any hint



Hello Harald. In general, ABS has a high shrinkage level, and it seems the model is afftected by external factors such as too low ambient temperature and, as a result, cracks can occur. It is advised to install side covers and HEPA Cover. Moreover, you can set the lower fan speed in Z-SUITE to 0%. You will find more information on our support center.