Printing problem :(

The calibration plate is not happening correctly. Do you have any idea why?

You can see on this video :


Did you can move higher platform using menu on LCD ?

yes i can up and down platform...

Hm, you can try reinstall the firmware. Copy firmware file on SD card, put it into printer, turn on printer and turn off. 

Already try... same bug :(

Maybe with your STL file is something wrong, could you upload the STL or zcode file? Did you have same problem with other models?

Same bug with other files and calibration don't work : the bed print down, down, down...

I know exactly what’s causing this. I had the same thing happen to me.

Take some magnifying glasses and check the little connector on the perforated board.

There are 3 tiny pins and you probably damaged them with your spatula. In my case one of the pins was pushed over and touched the next one. This causes a short and the printer thinks he already touched the platform. I took a very sharp tipped knife an separated the two pins and all worked normal afterwards. I will post a pic shortly.

Here a pic of my connector before the repair…the solder of the right pin was pushed over by the spatula.

My printer showed the exact same behavior because of the short.



Oh thanks :) 

It's ok :)

What is Ok? Did you have the same issue or did it fix itself?

Same issue :) and now it's ok :) very thanks :)

Awesome!!! :slight_smile: