Printing Problem

Firmware 0.0.5 with V2 Platform !

Check if you accidentally damaged the small connector on the perforated platform with a spatula.

the platform ist new ! and auto calibration works !

It's a good idea to watch the first few layers to make sure they are stuck to the platform and the raft is being printed properly. Did you use any glue stick or ABS juice for adhesion?

is that correct ?

i have only 1x V2 Platform

My perfboards do not have that solder bridge across two terminals.



That solder bridge seems to be normal on the newer boards.

Can you make a video of a print start? This way we can help you analyze what’s happening.

My perf boards do have the bridge (see

Firmware 0.0.5 with V2 Platform !

Did your bed go down at the beginning during the bed height detection ? I've seen this a bit especially with the V2 beds. I suspect there is an intermittent short somewhere between the bed and the printer. 

Firmware 0.0.5 with V2 Platform !

Looks like a heatbed cable issue. DId you check the cable if it's allright? Generally it's also good to check all the connections if they're properly connected and there are no issues with them.

the problem was not with platform v1

The version of the board is not that important in this case. What is important is if there is no short circuit in it. Both of those videos show, that it may be the cause of the issue.

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Sounds like the Z axis motor is trying to lift the platform but there appears to be no movement, that could be a problem with the coupling slipping, since the stepper motor is turning and the system is counting the steps and thinks it is in the correct position to start printing.

Check the screws in the flexible coupling between the stepper motor to the Z axis ball screw, could be some slippage.

Or likely a cross contact of the sensor for Z position is tripping before the nozzle has a chance to do it properly.

I have everything ..

is that correct ?


i have only 1x V2 Platform

I think the solderbridge on the small connector is not correct, remove it and try again the plattform calibration ?

I've seen this a number of times. Take all the screws out the bed and I bet it works. The bed is shorting out on the base.

mmm well I may be wrong , blind as bat here normaly , but in the first photo (not the video) you are seeing a solder bridge between the two terminals seems some people have that bridge other dont , I dont  , my question here , why is there a slab of solder in one of the holes in the perfboard .. did you try to solder the terminals and stuff it up ?? sorry if I'm an wrong but that looks like a solder blob to me , what ever it is , it is metalic