Printing problems with zortrax m200 plus

What I have noticed at this moment:

1) problems with different models perimeter and body adhesion, sticking together (perhaps overcooled?);

2) very slow turning on (2 mins) and very slow heating (about 10 min);

3) if heated before, then it is waiting for cooling to 160 and then heating again.. VERY slow process!!!

4) noizy;

5) hepa filter working vice versa? Air is going inside from the outside, but should go in reverse by my opinion.. 

And yes, I have all last updates for firmware and software. I think that M200 was really better than M200 Plus, sadly. 

Regarding points 1 and 5 - please contact me via PM and provide me with more information. We'll sort it out.

Regarding points 2, 3&5, the platform and the extruder heat up at the same time. The extruder heats up to 160 Celsius degrees and it's waiting for the bed to reach the required temperature. Once it happens, the extruder heats up again to the target temperature.

Hi Mine is a little more complicated than that. The Bed temperature goes up down as does the extruder temperature. One minute its at 49 degrees then the next it is 43. The % say 33 then eventually, in 1 go, jumps to 79% If you are lucky it eventually starts to print, or decides there is a hot end (brand new Zortrax) problem.