Printing Problems

Recently my prints seem to have 'problems'.. see photos below, that is exactly how I found the platform after the print was finished. The strange thing is that the actual piece is coming out decent (though obviously with some imperfections). The problem seems to be mainly with supports. Anyone have anything similar happening? 

Settings - ABS .19, 60% fan, full enclosure with half the top open.

The splits are due to too much fan for such a big body. Use 0% fan for that.

The spaghetti seems to come from failed supports… As soon as one of the support pillars breaks off you get these mid air prints that end up in spaghetti.

You may have to increase support angle to get beefier supports… Those thin long pillars sometimes collapse. I think the z suite should be optimized in that regard…

You could also think about strategically splitting your model… This way you could print the intricate sections separately from the chunky ones (and use different fan settings for each). With a little acetone you can make them one body again afterwards…

Thanks for the suggestions Andre.

That is a split, the whole model is around 65cm ;)

But yes its possible I may have to divide it even more. Doing some more tests now. I agree about the fan, but for other problems I was having support told me to use MORE fan, so there you go.. also the tips require lots of fan otherwise they're a mess.. so its a hard part to print I guess..

Maybe splits are due to too much fan as Andre said or just bad filament.

The same happened to me when I was printing comrade Kim Jong Un for the first time. Support fell off during the print. I reduced it to 0 and print came out good also without it.

@ikatz, remember that the best way for solving problems with the printer is contact with support team. :slight_smile:

Hi Filip,

We have been exchanging emails for more than 2 weeks and so far haven’t resolved anything, so thought I’d give this a try.

did the solution posted resolve the issue? the suspense is killing me!

I think it was solved with Z-Suite 0.0.9 already.

Best Regards