Printing quality with M200 Plus


I just got my new M200 Plus. I printed the same model on my old M200, and on the brand new M200. Settings are the same : 0.09 um, infill 40%.  Material is Z-ASA Pro. Last firmware, and last software (2.6.1) for both.

It seem that the M200 (first 2 pictures) has less stringing. The top of the model has voids.

The M200 Plus (last 3 pictures), has a strange bottom layer (with an ugly pentagon). The top of the model is better rendered (fillet + chamfer). There is one layer that seems to have a seam all around(?!).

The global impression of the object is better with the normal M200.

Do you think I can improve the M200 Plus results ?

PS : I cannot upload zcodex files...

I am having the same issue, printing objects with M200 Plus produces a lot of stringing (Z-ABS), but the same objects are well printed by the M200.

Any fix for this?


The M200 Plus (last 3 pictures), has a strange bottom layer (with an ugly pentagon). 


PS : I cannot upload zcodex files...

When i slice your .stl in Z-Suite 2.6.1 the result in Z-Suite preview has a normal first layer, without the pentagon. Is that also the case in your Z-Suite preview?

A workaround to upload .zcodex is to first zip them.

Thank you all for your feedback with your M200 Plus. I feel less alone and hope Zortrax will fix these issues shortly. In the release note, all materials printing have been improved on M200 Plus, except the Z-ASA Pro...

In order not to be too negative, the thing I find cool with the new M200 Plus is the extruder nozzle which is much more easy to clean now with its white plastic shell.

The object is also much more easy to take off out of raft, and the surface is smoother (but there is still the pentagone). There is no more white marks. It is like with the M200 and the ZT-HE extruder. The bottom surface is much more usable for a prototype, without post processing. However, I fear this "easy to take off raft" may drive to problem with larger objects...

rdjong : I confirm you, there is no pentagone on the Zcodex file preview (uploaded in zip format now,  I've added the M200 Zcode also). I printed it twice, there is always this pentagone on the M200 Plus. This is not a residual wire on the nozzle.

Edit : result is much better with simple Z-ABS (it is a "cousin" of ASA no?). Less stringing, no layer marks on the side of the object, and no ugly pentagone (though the bottom surface is less smooth).

Being curious about what my printer would do, i printed the "bouton" with Z-ABS (i have not yet Z-ASA on stock).

Used your .stl file (cannot use your zcodex because the Z-ASA setting cannot be changed) and generated with Z-Suite 2.6.1. All settings the same except material Z-ABS.

Printed with HEPA cover fan almost max (coolest). I doubt if the HEPA cover will have any impact here on the print.

The result is shown in the quick pictures. No pentagon, no strings at all, no strange protruding layer.

After printing, i saw there is a new firmware since a few days, i have still v1.1.0

To speculate about the differences

  • the Zortrax Z-ASA profile in 2.6.1 may be crook/neglected?

  • something wrong with firmware 1.1.1?

  • something in your zcodex confuses the firmware (file transmission corruption?)

And a lot more possibilities of course. Zortrax support might inspect your

zcodex (best retrieved from the USB stick). You could also try a binary compare with the file on the USB stick and the one on your computer.



yes! I have much better results with Z-ABS (black) than with Z-ASA... but I still have protruding layer, and some strings.

what are you printing settings? can you provide your zcodex you used?

The settings i used are:
Estimated print time: 0h 51m
Material usage: 1.85m (4g)
Printer: Zortrax M200 Plus
Profile: Last settings            (= SMALL PRINTS-HIGH QUALITY MODE)
Material: Z-ABS
Layer: 0.09 mm
Quality: High
Infill: 40%

hi rdjong

here is the result with your codex file

Still some stringing, no pentagone, but a protubing layer.

hi rdjong

here is the result with your codex file

Still some stringing, no pentagone, but a protubing layer.

The differences between your and my result for Z-ABS appear not very large. The knob interior looks as good as mine.

But in your print i see increased diameters at 3 or 4 heights. The lighting of the photo may fool me totally but the increases seem bigger than .1 mm. So i agree that this is not good enough.

Hopefully others in the forum would comment on the problem(s). There is also a lot of experience among the M200 users.

I've posted an inquiry on the support form. Hope to have explanations.

We're working on the quality of Z-ASA Pro on the M200 Plus.

It will be improved in the following update of Z-SUITE.