Printing Robotic Arm

Has anyone printed the arm using ABS? Is the shrinkage factor the same as Z-ultraT?


I've printed it in Z-ABS and all the parts seem to fit fairly well.  As usual, parts that needed support had a degraded finish at the top of the support and there was a little bit if warping on the larger footprint parts that were moderately tall.  I think that I printed most of them at 0.19 mm resolution.

I don't know if the shrinkage factor is any different than Z-Ultrat and haven't tried to fit any stepper motors to it yet.  I did test one of the bearings and that fit into it's recess just fine.

Thanks MichaelHenry,

I printed the Arm-1-upper in ABS

Resolution .014


 Outer .1

 Holes .2

40mm stepper motor was a tight fit, but its OK.


What are the + and - numbers 3,4,5 mean (anything?)


Octave has both the V1 and V2 arms printed and currently the V1 is fully set up with a ramps board. The V2 is sitting in a box somewhere for the time being.