Printing shell

Hello all :) ,

new to 3D printing with the Zortrax as my first and only printer I guess I have learned a lot while reading here (and similar forums) and started the challenge yesterday. I own a CNC mill doing RC models as a hobby so the whole stuff is not completely new to me, however different enough. Beside a first simple object to check wether the printer works as it should (it does) I am looking for trouble ;) with complicated things and would be happy to hear the opinion of the experts for a fillet, covering the intersection of a strut to a fuselage. Object is about 50mm high and consists only of a shell, thickness 0.5mm (can be increased a bit if necessary).

Its also hard to thermoform cause of undercuts.

Picture 1 shows the setup of the first attempt (two fillets at the same time)


Versuch 2.jpg

The fillet split during printing in the front, flat part, likely because there is no support structure. Support was 20°, even with higher angles there is never a support structure at this particular point.

Right now a second attempt with Z-ABS Ultra and higher fan speed shows the same result.

Are there any suggestions about a better orientation? Maybe as shown in pic 2:



Or upside down, or laying aside? Or ist it impossible to print?



Can you show a pic of the failed print?

0.5mm wall thickness is pushing it.

I wouldn’t go below 0.8

Will make pic tomorrow. Can I use the advanced settings, offsets, outer contours for this?



Pic of the print, stopped and not finished. The printer prints the up the slope pretty well, even ~ 6-7 mm beyond the support in free air. Then the material bends a bit up and the next printing paths cannot match anymore.

I could thick up the shell, but will this prevent warping?





Something funny (and ugly) going on there. Can you post the file?

In the attachment. Meanwhile I had success when positioning the objects like in pic 2 with ABS Ultrat. Only surface was poor compared to other prints, maybe the fan was too high keeping things too cool this time.



So, after some trials I get reproducible results when arranging the fillets like in pic1:



Thickness of the shell is drawn in 0,5mm and printed in 0,8mm. Thats fine with me, just had to rework the drawing so that the whole thing has a snug fit over the strut. The 0,8mm are reproduced every time, so thats great.

I think I like 3D printing :)

And thats what I am talking about:



Another luxury issue solved. :D