Printing stops but the clock does not. No error and yes i disabled the endstop


Every print we do across our 2x M200 PLUS printers stops at random.
We have a low 20% success rate.
Previously, Both machines have been sent back to manufacturer for repair at different times.
We run both M200 with the Endstop detection OFF. But it stops midway anyway sigh The head stops printing and returns to the zero datum but the the percentage and clock continue to roll with the screen freezing out. Crazy. It’s completely unusable.

Is it a software issue? Can anyone give me a zsuite & m200plus software version combo that doesn’t produce this outcome? What a mess.


Hi, @mazatron.

The issue you’ve described is probably related to hardware.
Please, check connections on the motherboard and Android PCB.
Besides, I recommend that you contact your local Reseller or us directly, as some parts will probably have to be replaced.


All connections are fine on both PCB and motherboard. Where can I get a replacement for the M200 PLUS PCB x2 as local sellers such as 3D JAKE and DREAM3D do not stock this item.

**edit found them on swedish website- 3D Prima. I will buy 2x for both printers, but it’s worth mentioning that I find it highly unlikely that this is the issue for both printers. I hope this is not another weakness of the M200+ **


I agree that it is possibly hardware issue, both of these printers have been returned to you for hardware issues prior- new motherboard etc. The second, returned with this issue, then the first M200+ started doing it too.


I have found only Extruder PCB on 3D Prima’s website, but it’s not the one that may cause the issue. There is another one, Android PCB connected to Motherboard, it’s placed under the bottom plate of the printer.
It’s best if you contact us via support form. When have you purchased the printers?


There is nothing obvious in terms of loose connections or damage to the Android PCB
NO.1 was bought september 25th 2018 and NO.2 march 20 2018.


Where do we stand in terms of replacing the android PCB?


@mazatron I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox.