Printing temperatures in Suite 0.0.6

I had to try this version of Z-Suite to get lower adhesion between raft and printed parts.

These are my findings for Z-ABS profile in 0.19mm layers:

1. hotend heats to 175C

2. hotbed starts heating

3. file is checked (FW 0.0.5), first time I've seen this message

4. hotend heats to 260C

5. raft is laid (still 260C)

6. part starts printing, still 260C

My conclusions: (print not finished yet, will see results in the morning)

- filament performs better, at least for me

- I will probably mount the sides, just to be sure since the temp is 20C lower on the extruder (same as Z-HIPS in

- Suite tries to place the seam on the front side of the print :( so I turned it 90 degrees; did hide the seam better

- speed in 0.0.6 is almost double than in with same settings (normal)

- slicing is much faster in 0.0.6

You should see thinner shell thickness in 0.0.6 though. 9.5 I believe has 3 shells..

Print finished.

I could detach my parts much easier from the raft, without tools, only by hand, albeit with some bruises.

The general quality was on par.

0.0.6 had ghosting on sharp curves but also had a better layer position repeatability than 0.0.9.X, probably due to different acceleration and deceleration algos on fast non printing moves.