Printing that doesn't stick to the platform


I’ve had an Inkspire for a few years now, it has few printing hours (just over 300h) and I’m having more and more problems with the platform sticking.

Today, for example, I printed a part with Tough White resin. Clean platform, almost new FEP, calibration done. I start printing, check after a few minutes, nothing, the plate is empty. The resin is stuck to the bottom of the VAC. I remove the tray, clean everything up, run the print again without touching any of the settings, and it works…

I’ve had this problem for weeks now, and every other time I have to restart the print twice, sometimes three times, to get it to stick. And it’s not a problem of calibration, settings or print parameters, since simply restarting the print solves the problem. It sounds like a bug, maybe the calibration preset isn’t running. In any case, it’s a huge problem for me. I need a reliable machine, and as it is, it’s not at all reliable, especially after so few hours of operation.

The update has been done for ages, there’s been no further updates since Oct 2021, i’m still using Zortrax resin, why am I having this kind of problem?