Printing warp-free w/ Zortrax M200

Maybe the hot tip burned through the kapton?

Also those pictures were take once the bed was cool, in fact when it cools the whole part and bed makes cracking sounds.

You can se in the first photographs from josh that his perfboard is also a little bit curved.

I'm working on making a Stainlees Steel or aluminum frame of about 2.3 mm thick to be put above the perfboard edge (where the screws go attched)so that is stays in place every time, with no curving.

@ahntlia - Did you ever make the SS or AL frame that you mentioned? I'm curious if it helped or not.


@ahntlia - Did you ever make the SS or AL frame that you mentioned? I'm curious if it helped or not.


Nope,I have been witha lot of work in the printer but I'm taking measurements this weekend and next week will cut the frame and some side covers, I will let you know ;)

I did. Why would it destroy it its just double sided tape. After the print I just took it off.

I have a “new” problem which causes much warping. I think it happens since the last update, that the support does not stick to the raft anymore. I’ve cleaned the bed, made the abs-slurry coating and leveled the bed.

I figured this out in nearly all prints I’ve made since the last update where support is directly printed onto the raft. No matter of size and shape. I did the software update as well as the firmware update to the newest versions on my own printer and on the one in our development department.

Did anybody else notice something similar?

It does happens, Support gets peeled of while being put in place. But I have noticed this happens on certain models and with certain orientation particulary large models 45° and mostly with .09 layer

On .14 and .19 have noticed it but it's not bad enough to cause trouble.

Go back to FW .04 and zsuite 0.07 or .08

Those were ok.

Thank you! I will try them again. :wink:

Hello everyone,

For the warping issues (the raft warping issue) , I try this following solution (for the middle-sized models, not for the big ones, ok), but it already worked for now:

I put at the begining of the printing a one-side adhesive tape on the first largest raft done by the machine (the side which causes you trouble) , just beside the second raft made by the Zortrax (this one which is thicker).

Attention, don't forget to wear gloves at this moment (and avoid the movements of the extruder carefully); Apply a good tension during this operation and then put your fingers to stick it very well to the bed.

Apparently, the tension of the tape (a long one) , which goes from a side to another side of the bed (and under the bed a little), is enough to prevent the warping in my cases for now...

I imagine that it retains some of the stresses (which are increasing during the printing) caused by the rectracting effect of the cooling ABS.

Try this!

For the warping of the model itself, I don't know.

See ya


To illustrate my point :)