Printing without draft


I’m testing E-sun ABS+ on my M200 plus using Z-suite beta 3.
When I print with a raft all look very clean and fine… bed adhesion is great but I’ve just tried to print directely the part without raft and I have bed adherance problem !

Nothing is stick on bed … and the speed of first layer is far to fast even if I put 50% on first layer speed.
Could you help me?
Maybe it will be more accurate to have the choice of the print speed for the first layer instead to have only the possibility to go down till 50%.

Hello Frederic,

Are you using the glass plate for printing without raft? It is recommended to use it, or the model might be of poor quality when taken off the bed.

Did you try using glue on the plate?

Below attaching the guide:

Best Regards

No I m using the original bed because the bottom surface is not important …
No glue but I think that s not the problem because at some area it stick very well.

Bed calibration is done