Prints in Z-HIPS natural white come out as beige

I tried printing with Z-HIPS natural white on Zortrax M300 but the first print came out white in the bottom layers and beige in the upper layers (see the attached picture).
I thought that’s because of too high temperature and discovered that the upper fan is not working. It turned out that by manually moving fan blades, the fan started running and was operating correctly during the second print attempt. However, that didn’t solved the problem with colour.

Could you advise what can be the reason for invalid print colour and how to fix the issue?

Secondly, I’d appreciate guidance for handling the fan issue - will replacing the fan help?
I did fan diagnostics in the printer maintenance section and every time the printer is turned off, the fan needs to be manually started by lightly moving the blades. Then the fan can be turned off and on without any issues.