Prints shifting at ±80%


Hey Hey,

We are the proud owners of a Zortrax Inkspire as of early 2019 (03-01-2019). Last week we started production again for some “bigger” parts. But we are consistently seeing problems with prints.

Please see the attachment for the STL file and the zcodex file generated.

We are using the latest version of the firmware and the Z-Suite.

We are using the Zortrax Basic and Zortrax Pro and Zortrax Flex resins.

We professionally flattened the print-bed in a machine shop.

We test both horizontal and vertical orientation of prints.

We tested the Z-Suite slicer of early 2020 and the one from 2021.

The printer is stationed at a professional leveled marble workbench, thus fully leveled, in an airconditioned room.

Every print, at around 80% completion, shifts the last part of the print regardless of orientation of the print, so we think this excludes the spindel.

We do think we eliminated all hardware problems and are guessing a software issue, do you have any idea what would cause these shifts?

Adapter ventilatorbak sapphire V2.obj (457.9 KB)