Problem extruding

Hi guys,

Got to printing again after a long hiatus. Only to encounter a problem  :wacko:

First few layers extrude fine, then around the 4th it develops problems, doesnt extrude properly. You can hear the clicking noise  -

Another piece of info - previous to this either I forgot to attach the small connector to the platform or it fell when the platform moved, but the extruder was ramming against the platform for a few minutes until I noticed it and aborted the print. When I tried printing again it had this problem. Prior to it it was working fine. Any idea what could have happened?


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I think you need to clean your nozzle/hotend. Check also for material particles near/on the extruder gear.

If you print ABS, temp is a bit higher at the beginning, it may explain why you succeed in printing first layers, but I think something came into your nozzle when it was in contact with platform.

If you have a spare nozzle, using it may be a quick way to check if your issue is related to that.


I had the same problem the other day and it turned out there there was a piece of something stuck in the nozzle hole which was a bit difficult to extract.  I tried soaking the nozzle in acetone a few times and eventually used a 0.35 mm drill bit to *carefully* clear out the debris.  No problems since.

Be sure to heat up the extruder before removing the nozzle and remove it while it is hot.


Thanks. It was the PCB board which got damaged.

how to fix it? i have a m300 with the same problem i thing… and i look something in the official shop and they don´t sell the PCB.
Greetings from Chile :chile:

Hey there! At first make sure that your nozzle is clean and that both extruder cable and heater&thermocouple are properly connected to the PCB. You should also examine whether heater&thermocouple is properly inserted into the hotend. When was the last time your replaced hotend and extruder cable? If you’d like to purchase spare parts, including PCB, you can contact your local Reseller, they should have them. You can also contact us via support form ( to purchase parts that are not listed in the online store.