Problem sending file to printer


If I send a file named “A” to the printer for the first time, it gets to the printer over Wifi without any problem and it prints. If I send a new file with the same name “A” there is systematically the message “download failed”. If I send it a second time with the same name “A” everything goes well. How to solve this problem.

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I have a similar problem for a while already with M200 Plus. I have latest Z-Suite and firmware and every time I send a file for printing over network (ethernet) upload fails at the first attempt. Then it takes a while until I am able to upload again (upload just doesn’t start when I retry immediately) and usually then it works fine and the printing starts. I don’t remember exactly when this problem started but it has been a while, there have definitely been more than one firmware and Z-Suite update since then.

I have the same problem with uploading to my M200 Plus using the local Ethernet connection. Often the first upload to the device does not go ok, upload failed error message. I then have to save my Zsuite project, reopen Zsuite, load my project and try again. This usually works.
This problem started appearing a few major releases ago of Zsuite. It used to work flawlessly before that and my network has not changed.
It is a difficult problem to diagnose but if I can help by for example performing a local test with a beta of Zsuite then I am very willing to do this. It is an annoying problem.
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Hello Rob,

I assume you are referring to Z-SUITE 2.30.0, right? Have you also tried 3.0.0 BETA and uploading files via Wi-Fi? If not - please check if the same issue occurs.

Also, make sure the firmware is up-to-date (2.6.6).

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Hi Karolina,

Thank you for your reply.
I will give the 3.0.0 BETA software of Z-Suite a try and see if this makes the upload issue go away.
I have the latest automatically downloaded software on my Zortrax M200 plus.

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Hi Rob,

thank you, I will be waiting for an update once you check this.

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