Problem to print a Skull pencil holder

I'm trying print this: I can't. Z-Suite not processing this model right and I have a very bad printing. I tried some diferent definitions but didn't have success.
Anyone cam help me?
Thank you in advance.

Without printing it myself I have a feeling its the slicer (z-suit) as Ive been waiting 5min now for z-suit to prepare the skull, kind of getting the same feeling like downloading files on a dial-up connection, z-suit just seems like its struggling to do its job. 

Did you print with or without support?


So I know you didn't use supports, after the 8+ min of waiting on z-suit to prep the file it looks exactly like your finished item, shi77y. I would be down right hot if I had bought the m200 for sculpture printing, not because of the printer itself as the hardware is TOP NOTCH but because we have to use the "Tyco, my first slicer" software.

EDIT part deux:

Added screen shots of the same .stl but sliced in cura and slic3r for comparison. 

You are aware that you are comparing a slicer preview with STL previews, aren't you?

Besides, you should switch off the display of Seams in Z-Suite.

Anyway, it actually looks like gaps appear in the nostrils and eyes. However this also happens with S3D.

IMHO the model looks much too dense in the facial area (no actual gaps in the mesh) anyway and it's rather complex (>104k triangles). Even S3D takes forever to slice this.

Have a look here as someone has cleaned up the model:

That model is terrible, it has negative volume according to Netfabb:

Default model:


My fix:


Thingiverse fix:


ps. comparing model previews with and without seam its kinda not fair, dont you think ?:) 

0bf35742f81d420395ca9a7c6befa9c1.pngvs fa92d4db48ea42958c5b7df530dbe695.png

Thank you all.

Marcin, what were the print settings that you used?

Thank you all.

Marcin, what were the print settings that you used?

I really dont remember, especially when prtscr decided to delete my screens :C