Problem Using third part PLA

i’ve had great problem trying to print PLA filaments (filo ALFA). I’ve read that this is a common problem with old version of M200, but seller says that this was solved in the plus version. Anyway they use M200 plus without problems with PLA. Howewer on my printer , after first layers, material stops to comes out. I’ve tried to change extrusion temperature from 200 to 220° but nothing seems changed…Any suggestion about this issue?

Ce qui change entre la M200 et M 200 plus c’est le dispositif d’entrainement du matériau. Si le matériau ne sort plus de la buse c’est qu’il 'est plus entraîné. . La raison diamètre du fil trop petit ou trop gros je pencherai pour trop petit.


filo Alfa has good dimensional stability, anyway i’ve found with a caliber that’s a little bit ticker than nominal. Adjusting thikness in the code shoud work in your opinion?