Problem with 3djake pla

can anyone know what is the problem when i load this filament
in printer and its shut up and start clicking gear.
i think it is stuck in the nozzle and can not pass filament…

Hi, @goran.

Take a look at our Z-PLA Pro tips, they can be applied to external PLA-based material as well.
Have you been using this hotend for other materials as well? If yes, I would recommend to replace it with a new one that you’ll be using for PLA materials only.

Do you have original hotend? Swap it to Microswiss and switch only nozzles with materials. I mean here, that if you will swap for example from ABS to PLA or vice versa you will swap nozzle too.

Yes it is original zortrex.
Can you give me a link for Microswiss
I am new in 3d printing

Put on google “microswiss hotend for zortrax m200”

Hey… thank you… I will try that