Problem with Build structure multiple copy parts

Hi all,

I am trying to build multiple copies of a part i designed.

I orientate and create supports for x1 part and all is ok built perfect.

I duplicate the part to build x2 same part and software gives completely different supports missing out a lot of features that need support - Large disc at top of part-

If i build x2 with this support the build will fail. 

Settings for x1 or more are exactly the same

any ideas



Increase the support angle setting.

thanks for reply

increased support at 10 degree intervals for copies until it eventually works at 80 degree.

What i don't understand is-

When i set at 10 degree support angle for 1 part the support works and the part builds great.

But as soon as i copy the 1 part it does not work.

Sometimes i don't want part covered in support at greater than 10 degree angle.

Every other machine i use i can copy both part and support at any angle and it works.

apart from this wee bug i am amazed with the results of parts built on my Zortrax.

Parts are almost as good as my SLA machine with Zortrax having better materials

I suggest you send your files to Zortrax for analysis - you are right that the slicer behavior does not seem correct and it should not require 80 degrees for these parts.

Yes, use "bug tracker" section