Problem with elephant foot when printing with support


I have just replaced my M200 Plus with the M300 Dual and I’m having problem with elephant foot on my prints when printing Z-Ultrat Plus with Z-Support Premium raft. Is there a remedy for this? I didn’t have this problem at all with the same models on the M200 plus (printed with raft)

Also I would like to know how to set layer height to 0,1mm. Your website says that M300 Dual can print with 100 microns but in Z-Suite the only options I have is 0,15mm and 0,2mm. I have some products that I need very fine details on and 0,15 is a bit to thick.


Regarding elephant paws, I have exactly the same problem.


Hello, can you please provide some photos and files so we can check that on our side?


I have sent a message via the support form including pictures and the .stl file.



Have you any news?


Thank you, I see my colleague already responded to your Support Form. We will keep in touch.


Can you please forward the answer to the other user as well. Because I have the same problem, but no answer from Zortrax.

Magnus, how did you do to solve the problem?



My colleague is checking the models. We will provide an answer layer on.

Centrac, could you possibly share your results with us?