Problem with large objects

Hi all,

I have some problems while printing large objects, specially because they come off from the plate, or even the layers got separated. In the pictures attached you can find both problems. 

The print was done with

  • 0.19mm layer
  • Quality Normal
  • Infill Low
  • No supports
  • Auto Fan Speed

I purchased Zortrax side covers but it does not seem to make a difference.

Thanks for your tips!

Fan should be off, model is not optimal for high temp FDM printing.

Edges are too sharp (should be rounded), wall should be thicker (with low infill).

Covering the printer in a controlled way (keep chamber temp around 30-35°C but not higher) could help also.

You could try to print with PLA without changing anything.

ULTRAT isnt the best material for big models printing. PLA / ASA should do the trick

Marcin, is ASA on par with PLA regarding low shrinkage?  

Also while im here, will there be any other colors introduced to PLA ?


Petg or z-esd arr also possible. If you print it in petg the walls will be flexible and depending on the application stronger