Problem with lcd or lamp?


Hello community
I am new on this forum. I’ve been using a zortrax inkspire printer in my company for a year and a half already, I mastered this device quite a lot, but since Monday it prints a 10cm long by 1cm wide rectangle block instead of my parts. After testing the pattern and the lamp, I understand better, a rectangle appears just at the black background? the same pattern there is a white rectangle. Hence the printing of the block. I note that I changed the LCD screen a little while ago and it worked perfectly. did you have this problem? is the LCD that has a defect or the lamp that seems to blink a little at the location of the rectangle. thank you for your help.

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Hello @cedric,

Could you please pass pictures of the lamp test, please? However, I would still recommend replacing the LCD screen first - if this does not work, we will look further into possible causes of the problem.

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Hello Carolina,
the photo you see above and the photo of the lamp test on a black background where you can see the rectangle. After several tests I checked the temperature in the lab where I work it was a bit cool inside so I put the heater on at 22 degrees. I came back to test the LCD and I could see the squares in test 1 and 2 coming back little by little, as well as the almost complete black background mode.
I deduce that the temperature also plays on the LCD’s good working order so I ran a printout and my parts are conform this time. Thanks for the help if this is the case I would change the LCD screen again.

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Here is a photo of test 1 in defect


Hi, I had this problem once. This may happen when IPA or resin seeps between the printers body and screen.

I took some IPA and really cleaned around the screen well, allowing the IPA to go onto the crack. I then let it dry fully overnight and the problem was solved. I have put a few hundred hours into the screen since then with no problems. You could even remove the screen to clean well, just make sure you have some double sided tape to stick it down again afterwards.


So actually on one side of the screen (left) I have a small day where we see the light of the lamp slightly pass by, it could be coming from here? and what do you call IPA?


Yes, well the screen has its ribbon wire connection on the left side. If the problem is due to contamination of the connection then it will be on the left where it will need to be cleaned.

Be very careful if you remove the screen to clean around the connection. The connection to the screen is very fragile.

IPA is Isopropyl alcohol. This is what people tend to use to clean 3D Prints, but it is also used as electrical cleaner.


Hello Cedric,

Thank you for the update and information concerning other patterns. Still, I understand that increasing the ambient temperature allowed you to run other test prints successfully, right? This is good news, however, I believe this was only a coincidence. But please, let us know when the issue reoccurs.

Also, if the FEP film got damaged - the resin could leak underneath the LCD screen, damaging some components. Thus, it is crucial to carefully check the resin tank before starting a new print.