Problem with macOS Catalina


did anyone faced with Z-suite on macOS? No matter which version it is, simply does not want to open. When trying to open an app, the icon is bouncing in then bottom bar for a second, maybe two and then just disappear.

Installing Parallel desktop for WIN on mac is not solution as i do not use mac to have Windows on it.

I am running Z-Suite 2.12.2 on OSX 10.15.4. There have been versions of Z-Suite recently that do not run on Catalina. 2.12.0 would, 2.12.1 would not (for me). I do not install the Mono framework, in fact I’ve made a point of removing it completely which takes some effort as it leaves bits lying about.

On first launch, 2.12.2. takes a little bit of time to launch. The first project tab you get will be blank and allow you to do nothing. Add another with the “+” icon and it will work fine - delete the dead tab. On subsequent launches it behaves normally.

I agree that running Z-Suite in a VM on the Mac is not a good solution. I’d like to see Zortrax commit to supporting the Mac OS, but every time I have asked the answer has been ambiguous.

That’s definitely not good. Z-Suite is advertised as compatible with macOS so if it’s not, it is misleading for potential customers and existing users.

After many hours of fighting with this software, I finally made it work with help of one guy from FB user group. However, it does not work as supposed to because every time I open Z-Suite, both windows are blank. Of course when i click on “+ New project” the new window is fine with necessary options to work with but no matter what I do, “My devices” is still blank. I have to close and open software about 10 times to finally see something in “My devices” tab but this is really annoying because you never knows, how many times you have to re-open it to see this tab complete.

P.S. It does happen on 3 different MacBooks so specific computer is not the culprit. It should be definitely fixed by developers.

It would be great to hear from Zortrax what the status on this is. All we have gotten is a vague response that “the methods they use are no longer supported”. Are they working on this? Do they intend to fix it? Have they given up?

I had 12.2.2 working, but it is broken again with the latest Catalina update.

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I’ve tried to use Z-Suite of 4 different MacBooks and it does not work on any of them. Seems like most their customers uses Windows and that’s why they do not care MacOS users too much. But you are right, it would be nice to get any statement from Zortrax about that.

I downloaded 12.2.3 today and surprise! It works again. Quick to launch, no blank windows. No idea why. Again I do not have Mono framework installed.

You are lucky then :man_facepalming: