Problem with the Capacitive sensor

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry for my english, I am French.

So I am here because i have some problems on my M300 dual.
I noticed a warping problem on my prints, so i try to re-calibrate the Zplate.

When I want to automatically calibrate the plate, the machien said me
“Error 11:39 hooded sensor: noises from capacitive sensors”

So first , I do the machine update, and the machine still have a problem.
After, I put clean my motherboard and the Head of the machine with pressurized air. (still have the problem)
After, I take the capacitive senson and I look if the card behind is burn or something, and i clean with a little of alcool the front of the sensons. I put back on the machine and I still have the problem with capacitive sensor.

After i do the calibrate manually and my prints still have a warping problem.

What can i do guys ?

TY have a good days