Problem with thingiverse flexi model


After many attempt i have allways some problem with articulated parts from thingverse, i have try default and tweaked setting with ABS, ABSv2, Glass, ultra original zortrax.

How to prevent this please ?


Hi @alkabal!

I see you’re printing using different materials for raft and for the actual model.

Could you explain what’s the actual problem here?

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The problem is not from raft with different material and I have also do first layer with same color The result is beautiful especially the neon green !

The problem is too tiny gap for the articulated portion resulting in a not flexible model

For this model I have do some pause and using knife For increase gap I have save the print

The most problematic are with z-glass and abs resulting in a fixed model.


Except that the print quality is really good but unperfect as you can see on the head for this model with abs

Actually printing with Z-nylon resulting in a beautiful external aspect but many angel hair on the internal parts


Second time with problem removing support the first layer is piled



Other day other problem

Other exemple with same z-nylon

Please help me for make something better.



Did you resize the model with articulated parts? Please leave a default size and run a test print.

As for Z-NYLON - you can remove the strings with a heat gun. Also, remember that Z-NYLON is a demanding material in terms of storage and printing process conditions - have a look at the tips for printing with this material.

As for the other models - they might be a bit overheated. You might try increasing the fan speed while printing smaller models, but note that Z-NYLON is highly prone to warping.

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thanks a lot for reply

Lion and cat are default size dimension.
But yes brachiosorus you are right i have increase the size before print.

Thanks a lot for tips I does not show this before !