Probleme mit dem M 200


mein Name ist Holger bin 53 Jahre alt und komme aus Leer liegt in Niedersachsen Deutschland.

Ich habe ein Zortrax M 200. Der Drucker lief perfekt und jetzt wo ich ihn dringenst brauche gibt es folgendes Problem.

seit einiger zeit bricht mein Drucker willkürlich beim druck ab. Einmal beim raft drucken dann wenn Bauteil 20% vertiggestellt oder bei einem 17 std druck einfach bei 27% und so weiter. Bin sprachlos will er lief wie ein Uhrwerk und immer wie erwartet. Immer fleißig Firmenware neu und aktuelle Software. Da ich den Drucker jetzt dringest brauche, muss 2 teile drucken ohne die ich nicht weiter komme nervt es schon. Hatt einer ne Idee was sein könnte?
Gruß Holger


my name is Holger am 53 years old and come from Leer is located in Niedersachsen Germany.

I have a Zortrax M 200. The printer ran perfectly and now that I need it urgently there is the following problem.

For some time my printer breaks off arbitrarily at the pressure. Once at the raft print then when component 20% vertiggestellt or at a 17 std pressure simply at 27% and so on. I’m speechless, he wants to run like clockwork and always as expected. Always busy company goods new and up to date software. Since I need the printer now urgently, must print 2 parts without which I do not get further annoying it already. Any idea what could be?
Greeting Holger

Hello Holger,

Let me please sum it up. Do you mean that the print stops extruding the material (randomly) although the printer seems to be continuing printing?

Make sure the file has been saved correctly on the SD card. Also, check if all the cables are firmly plugged into the PCB and that the screws securing the heater&thermocouple in the hotend are tight.

Also, when was the last time you replaced consumable parts, such as the hotend and heater&thermocouple? What materials do you print with? I am wondering if the hotend is not clogged or the material is not being heated properly because of malfunctioning heater. Please, provide some videos/pictures if possible.

so obfuscated is there nothing.the printer simply stops and drives down the platvorm. that means a 17 std print is started and the printer drives down the platvorm after 5 std and stops printing.if I then remove the printed part and again what else wants to print he prints cleanly again without any problems and he breaks off warlos. the printer stops heating extruder stops and the platvorm goes down.that makes the printer warlos no matter which part I use also parts he has already printed where he was new he also breaks warlos ab.starte I again new everything nice clean the raft printed and peng again platvorm down from the mouse. is more than strange.I am speechless.
greetings holger

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Hi again. Actually, it seems you are already in contact with my colleague from the support team - Izabela. Please, check your inbox as she has provided further information.