Problems with firmware upgrades USB install

Hi, I have just been going through the process of upgrading the firmware on our 5 x M200 plus printers. We are going through a USB install to update the firmware as our computer techs have not yet found time to connect them to our network.

We are having the problem that the same update file, on the same USB drive will only update some of the printers, on some it works, on others, it says it is a bad file and needs to be downloaded again, which I cannot understand. On one printer we have not been able to take it any further than 2.0.2, and on the rest we cannot go beyond 2.2.0

I have tried downloading the firmware again and installing it on sever different USB drives without any change. I would appreciate any support you could give


Please, double-check the current firmware version (settings -> about printer). We need to know make sure that all printers are already above 2.0.0.

Copy given update.zar2 file onto a formatted USB drive and remove it once it has been installed. If this still does not work - can you provide a video showing the update process?

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