Problems with Y-Axis

Hi, can anyone tell me things that can cause this? 

My Printer started doing this today… Its random, when it starts doing this…I think she loses steps… 


Hi Rafal, very thanks for the faster awnser.

I just confirmed and all screws are ok, on both X and Y axis. 

What i saw was one bearing on the main extruder came out a little (0,5cm or 0,7cm)… I just pushed back to the correct place and now it’s printing to see if it will fail again.

If you have more suggestions i’m open to listen.



@zordlyon, You can find new manual for layers displacement here: . We will update Rafal’s link as soon as possible.

If it will not solve your problem please fill the support form at

Hi Filip, thanks for the awnser. The issue is resolved,and was the bearing with a little clearance on the extruder. I pushed back to the correct place, and he was resolved.