Problems with Z-ultrat

I was printing the head of Pluto ( and his right ear is always of poor quality and very weak. The left ear is better en stronger. Now with de new firmware 2.0.1 is it a little better but net yet what it should be. Z-suite is 2.11.1 (With Support en Without Support)

Pluto :wink:

Right Ear

Left Ear

Z-suite 2.11.1

Hi, @FLurk1967.

Can you send me the .zcodex file of the head?
Iโ€™d like to see whether itโ€™s a model problem.

Hi Marta,

The body of Pluto uploaded on my dropbox. The file was to big.

I also printed the body of Kermit. His toes on te ground are good and those up on the right just break off.
If i print that leg separately then itโ€™s OK.

Link dropbox:

Greetings FLurk1967