Problems with Zsuite. :(

Ok so I have spent most of the night trying different programs to make an .stl file into a solid instead of hollow as to help it print better but still haven’t found one yet. Then after working with Rhinoceros, I got my stl image well enough to try and print but Zsuite wouldn’t open.

I deleted and reinstalled everything. Sill would not respond so I went into file contents and loaded suite from terminal and she worked. Now I can load simple files easily but complexed one that I’ve been working on to try and generate an awesome print, it loads a bit slow and slices at a crawl then crashes.

From other posts (Pillou), there are problems using ZSuite on Mac, try Windows through Parallels.

Thanks. I hadn’t had many problems with it. Only used Zsuite 2-4 times since last update and was fine. And one of the 3d programs I downloaded last night mustve messed something up but don’t know what…maybe it was the x11 pack I installed. Dunno

I believe my mesh stl file is making it crash but not the reason why it won’t start up in the first place without going to terminal. Working on trying to simplify it but still looking for a good decent priced program that will turn my mesh into a solid.

I use Blender for my files and I started fixing them with Rhinoceros and I think Rhino actually complicates them more than fixes them. Oh well it’s only time and a little frustration. hahaha plenty of that to go around.

PS- I hate Windows with a Passion and will never go back. I would sooner sell my printer than go to Windows. That’s how much I hate them. Thanks anyways. Cheers. lol

To turn your mesh into solid (I mean watertight) you can try three free programs: Meshlab, Netfabb or Meshmixer.

In meshlab you could use a simplification filter like “Surface reconstruction: Poisson” that I think could generate a closed mesh.

Netfabb and Meshmixer have tools to analyze and fix errors in STL files for printing that probably will work for your intents.

All three are Mac applications.

I never printed a 3D file, just preparing myself to do it when I have a printer.

(mac user from 1988, using emulated Windows when needed. Doesn’t hurt :slight_smile: )