Program Pause Not Working


I am using Zortrax M200 Plus, Serial No: Z51D4A00F, Firmware Version 2.6.7, and Z-suite version

When I insert a pause to fit a nut, which I’ve done many times before now, it will not pause at that point!

“Please can you advise me what to do.”

Warm regards,


M3NutInsertTest001.zprojx (301.1 KB)

Hello Anthony,

I tested your .zprojx which properly paused the print for me.

Do you have problem with the pause at the wrong layer or no pause at all?

Could you send me your .zcodex file?

Best Regards

the same here, no pause at all!
M200 plus, firmware 2.6.7, Zsuite beta

Slitta01_A_cilindro.zcodex2 (311.9 KB)

Hello Anthony, Bazzy,

We are investigating this issue - it should be fixed in the new release.

For now, I can suggest to transfer the file manually through USB-drive as it would be the safest way, as there might be some problem with sending files directly through MyDevices.

Thank you for your feedback!

Best Regards