Providing Suppor for The cantilever

This is splitted model of a building. splitting face placed down … please help me how to provide support for this cantilever portion…( point or face or edge )

I am using M300…
material - white
0.19 layer thickness

Hi, @Sadhique

In print settings step, choose editable support. Then, in the support step choose face support type, as it will be the most suitable for this element.

You will be able to place the support structures by moving your cursor to the area that needs support (it will also be marked red).

You can read more about adjusting support here.

The model is 24 cm long and 25 cm tall

you mentioned Point support …, how much no: of supports do i have to provide ?

Point supports are good for single protruding elements.
As I mentioned above, face support will be the best for such long element.
You can also use automatic support angle, it should support the whole cantilever.

hi. good evening

20 angle right ???

Yes, it should work properly.
You can check various settings in Z-SUITE and change them by going back to print settings and support steps.