Purge/Prime Tower topples for high prints

Almost all prints higher than say 10cm have this problem that the purge tower is knocked down by the nozzle. It doesn’t seem like there is any setting related to the purge tower. Does anyone have the same problem?

Hello @czhang,

what Z-SUITE version are you using? Do you have any pictures that illustrate the problem? In general, since our specialists changed a shape for the Cooling and Waste Towers - we have not come across similar reports yet. Do the hotends switch properly? Maybe layers start shifting once the model is ~10 cm tall?

Best regards

Hi Karolina,

I am using Z-suite 2.24. The problem is that the nozzle would every time hit the purge tower ever so slightly until it loosens and eventually fall down.

I will shoot an image once the problem occur next time.


BTW I have seen videos of the same problem happens to other brands of 3D printer so it’s definitely not something unique to Zortrax. However I am wondering if there is some improvement on the purge tower design e.g. 1) a wider base similar to that of support pillars or 2) to move the purge tower closer to or even connect to supports of the model itself so to help stabilize the tower.

Hi Chi,

I will be grateful for any picture or a short video of the problem once you come across it. This will help us to look further into the matter, since I have not come across a similar issue since we changed the shape of the tower.

How about the model itself? Have you noticed layer shifting?

Also, thank you for suggestions concerning how we could improve the waste tower even more. We appreciate this.