Quality of lifes suggestion and improve top/bottom finish


May I suggest a change in z-suite to improve the top and bottom layers. Add a setting to switch the layer height for the top bottom layer to something smaller so it makes a beautiful finish while maintaining a good printing speed for whatever is vertical or close to vertical.

Another thing, right now when the user send a file with the same name it just doesnt work. The file is NOT overwritten, it simply doesnt exist. You dont get a popup either with a warning that the file already exist. So instead, either make it overwrite which is my prefered solution. Or make a popup and let the user choose to overwrite or rename the file because sending/printing. As it is now its pretty bad.

Finally, let the user choose/create folders when sending/printing files, right now it just make a big pile of mixed files.

Oh and one of my card seem to have a different name ordering than my other cards, so its annoying trying to find a file that is somewhere entirely different than all the other card, very annoying.

Good day!