Quality of the print

Dear @KarolinaZortrax ,
we are facing an annoying issue with our M200 PLUS.
Suddenly the quality of the print has dropped signetifintly! Below you can find a picture with two prints. Upper is desire quality, before accusing of the issue. After detecting the quality drop we have replaced the following parts (the “maintenance” result you can see at the bottom picture):

  • hotend
  • nozzle
  • heater
    The heatbed is calibrated.

Firmware: 2.6.5

When I’m using the same zcodex2 in another M200Plus the quality is fine.

Do you have any idea how can we fix it?

Best Regards,
Michał Różycki

@Pawel_Zortrax @Zortrax

Dear Michał,

could you please attach the .zcodex2 file? We would like to check it.

Also, since so far you have replaced the heater&thermocouple and hotend/nozzle - I would recommend runnig the fan test to ensure if they are all operational (especially the lower ones). If the fan coolers are fine - there might be a problem either with the extruder cable, or PCB.

Best regards,

1x101_0h25m_5g.zcodex2 (80.3 KB)

Hello Michał,

thank you for the file. I see the fan speed was set to auto, I would recommend increasing it to 100%, especially that the model is quite small. Also, the gaps in the model are tiny, so insufficient cooling will definitely affect it. Have you checked the fan coolers?

Could you also provide an .stl file? I would like to check whether increasing the fan speed will improve quality.

Hi Karolina,
we have always used auto speed. Tomorrow we will check the fans.


101.stl (52.2 KB)

Hi Karolina,
extruder, cable and PCB have been changed. Fan’s are working fine. Do you have any other clues on how to fix it?


Hello Michał,

we are working on providing a solution. I have passed the case to our specialist, so hopefully we will come up with a solution soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Hello Michał,

do I understand correctly that the main concern is that these tiny gaps should be visible?

If yes - for the time being, I can suggest increasing the contour-infill gap parameter (at least 0.6 mm).

gap 060.zcodex2 (78.3 KB)

You can run a test print and check if this does the trick for you.

Best regards,

Hello Karolina,
unfortunately, it’s not our concern :frowning:
As you can see in my first picture the upper print is filled nice and smooth on the same M200Plus month ago. The same zcodex was printed after the “issues” started and after replacement, everything that I mentioned before looks less smooth, you can see exactly every path of the nozzle.



Could you send us some pictures that could show the problem in more details?

In your first photos the light reflections are misguiding.

I will try to print your zcodex again and check, if what you are looking for is the smooth top layer.

Best Regards