Question regarding hot end: removal of a portion

So because I have a hot end where the nozzle threads are snapped in it, I was playing around trying a few things out. The ultimate goal is to remove the nozzle portion without damaging the threads of the hot end.

The "stem" that sticks above the square block, where the filament is fed through. This is almost a cross shape, and held on by two allen screws. I see that it is press fit, and removing those two screws would allow you to pull it out. 

My question is this: Does removing this t portion (unscrewing allen screws, pulling it out) affect the hot end in any way? Is it safe to do this, and put it back in, or will this affect the readings from the thermocouples? 

Yes I have seen that before, let me try to be a little more clear.

Step 8: Second picture

The part that is held down by now one allen screw (usually two, but one was removed in this step). That is press fit into the aluminum block. Is it safe to remove the second allen screw, and pull this portion out? It allows easier access to the threaded portion where my nozzle threads are snapped.

Yes, in my experience the feed tube can be removed from the block without any problems. It's all very low-tech :)

Yes, just pull it out. I wrapped a little bit of Teflon tape around it when I reinstalled it to avoid any possible leakage.